unit production
castings from 3D printed MOULDs
ADVANTAGE: no costs for pattern, fast production of casting


Extra material charge April: 0,40 €/kg

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The main program are castings of quality EN GJL 150 - 300 and low alloyed  cast iron casted into bentonit mixtures. The cast iron is melted in cupolas of diameter 700 mm (flames are supported by oxygen), volume 1900 tons per year. We meet the ecological standard for foundries. We support the environment. Cupola furnaces were equipped with dust removers in 2010. In 2014 we have implemented the most modern new filter equipment. We engage in the project "Trees for life".

Machine moulding - machines Foromat 20 and 30, internal diameter of frames from 430 x 380 to 900 x 600 mm.

Hand moulding - up to the weight of 700 kg and up to the dimension of 3000 x 1400 mm.

Production of cores from CT and Novanol on shooting machines and by hand.


We cast castings from aluminium and bronze moulded into bentonit mixtures by machines or hand and into chills. Aluminium of quality AlSi10Mg, AlSi12; castings from bronze of quality CuSn10, CuSn12. We are able to cast the other materials in accordance with a customer.


We adjust castings with grinding and blasting. We do a primer coat.  We also provide an annealing, painting and further surface treatment.


The quality of material is evaluated straight next to the furnaces by thermical analysis and checked by spectral by return. The tensile properties are proved by tensile strenght (Rm) and hardness (HBW). Complete control of quality of sand mixtures is also carried out.

The most of our production goes to the EU countries.

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