TSS, spol. s r. o. has the best equipped model shop in the Czech Republic, which offers:
  • high technical knowledge of our employees
  • short delivery terms
  • many years of experience
  • complicated and combined foundry patterns
  • maximum quality is guaranteed thanks to digital inspection, 3D inspection and archiving

We meet requests of the most demanding customers thanks to 10 CNC machines and 50 high qualified and skilled employees. Styrofoam/polystyrene patterns S1, foundry wooden patterns H1, H2, H3 and patterns of block materials K1, K2 are our main production program.  Design patterns and mockups in  combination with reverse engineering can be offered as well.

We arrange castings of various materials (grey, ductile, steel cast iron, Aluminium) on our styrofoam/polystyrene patterns.

Transport of the goods to the destination is a matter of course.

Polystyrene patterns

Wooden patterns

Patterns from polyurethane blocks, cast resins

Patterns from Al alloys

Molds for forming plastics

Forms for lamination

We produce

1210 pcs

polystyrene models
per year

We process

2000 m3

per year

We produce

270 pcs

wooden models
per year

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TSS, spol. s r. o.